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My Mentoring Program “Design Patterns and Architectural Patterns with C++”

I’m happy to provide you with more details about my mentoring program, “Design Patterns and Architectural Patterns with C++”.

My general idea of the mentoring program is straightforward. I will teach you what you should know about modern C++. Modern C++ includes the core language and the library based on C++17 in 28 stations.

Each week, I publish a new station. To master a station, you have to invest about three hours. Therefore, you can integrate my program into your workday.

After my general idea, I want to give you more details about my mentoring.

The Mentoring Program

16 Levels

Each station consists of theory, practice, and mentoring:

  1. Introduction
  2. Terminology
  3. Design Patterns Creational Patterns
  4. Design Patterns Structural Patterns - Part 1
  5. Design Patterns: Structural Patterns  Part 2
  6. Design Patterns: Behavioral Patterns
  7. Idioms: General
  8. Idioms: Classes - Part 1
  9. Idioms: Classes - Part 2
  10. Idioms: Polymorphism
  11. Idioms: Templates - Part 1
  12. Idioms: Templates - Part 2
  13. Architectural Patterns
  14. Synchronization Patterns: Dealing with Mutation
  15. Synchronization Patterns: Dealing with Sharing
  16. Concurrent Architecture

One Station

Each level consists of theory, practice, and mentoring:


  • Pure theory: 10 slides (video)
  • Applied theory: 5 examples (video)
  • Additional: Posts and Training videos


  • Practical excercises (videos)
  • Sample solutions to the exercises (video)
  • Active C++ community in moderated forums


  • Each week: Live Q&A session based on Forum questions
  • One-to-One mentoring at the end of the mentoring program if requested

Program Features

One-To-One Mentoring

During the program and at the end, I will have a one-to-one mentoring call with each participant. Each one-to-one mentoring call has a unique purpose.

  • During the mentoring program: You decide when it should happen. The purpose of this one-to-one call is simple. I want to support you in mastering my mentoring program.
  • In the end: I want to provide you with additional guidance for your career as a C++ programmer because you are never done learning.

Additionally, I develop an online library that provides the following content to support your learning.

Online Library

  • Videos of very valuable lectures
  • A coupon for my educative courses “C++ Fundamentals for Professionals“
  • A coupon for my book “The C++ Standard Library“
  • Articles to the each station
  • Recorded Q&A sessions
  • Respond to e-mails if they are relevant to the course

Aditional Stations

You have noticed that I wrote about 16 levels, but the program takes nine months (20 levels). After big topics, I do not publish new content but deepen the previous topic. This unique week serves as a buffer to allow participants to work through gaps.

The buffer is necessary for several reasons:

  • Short-term bottlenecks in your job or private (vacation or illness).
  • Short-term bottlenecks in the mentoring program (many exciting questions have accumulated)
  • Deepening of the contents

This week there will be a general Q&A session on Friday, where I will address questions and challenges around my mentoring.

Now, you may ask yourself, should I apply?

For Whom is This Mentoring Program?

First of all, you need a basic knowledge of C++, and you want to become a professional C++ developer in nine months. You have to invest about three hours a week and can, therefore, integrate my program into your workday. In the ideal case, your company supports you with time and money.

Here are a few typical participant profiles I have in mind:

  • Young professionals who want to master the start of their career
  • Students who wish to prepare for their first job (interview)
  • Software developers who want to qualify themselves further professionally
  • Team leaders that want to bring their members on the same page

If you don’t know if my program is appropriate for you, write me an e-mail:

Here are a few technical details

Mentee Membership and Community Membership

 When you mastered your mentoring program, you can extend your Mentee Membership with a Community Membership.

Mentee Membership

  • Member of a mentoring program
  • Includes acommunity membership

Community Membership

  • Access to the previous mentoring program
  • You cannot participate in the Q&A sessions, but you can watch recorded Q&A sessions
  • Becomes a community member if requested
  • Community membership is €30/month; payable for a year in advance: €360

My Vision

Build an active C++ community. You help each other to solve your exercises and challenges around modern C++. uild an active C++ community. You help each other to solve your exercises and challenges around modern C++. You can master this course at your pace. I will develop additional mentoring programs about the following more advanced topics. I will start these other mentoring programs at the end of this year.

  • C++ 20
  • Clean Code with Modern C++
  • Concurrency with Modern C++
  • Design Pattern and Architectural Pattern with C++
  • Design Pattern and Architectural Pattern with C++

More Information needed?

If you need more information, write an e-mail. I´m happy to help.

Send me an E-Mail