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My Mentoring Program “Fundamentals for C++ Professionals”

I’m happy to provide you with more details about my mentoring program, “Fundamentals for C++ Professionals”.

My general idea of the mentoring program is straightforward. I will teach you what you should know about modern C++. Modern C++ includes the core language and the library based on C++17 in 28 stations.

Each week, I publish a new station. To master a station, you have to invest about three hours. Therefore, you can integrate my program into your workday.

After my general idea, I want to give you more details about my mentoring.

The Mentoring Program

28 Levels

Each station consists of theory, practice, and mentoring:

  1. Introduction
  2. Literals
  3. Types: enumerations, pointer, references, and casts
  4. Types: type deduction with auto and decltype
  5. Values: initialization, conversion, const, and constexpr
  6. Values: move semantics and perfect forwarding
  7. Memory
  8. Functions
  9. Classes: attributes and constructors
  10. Classes: initialization, destructors, and member functions
  11. Classes: default, and delete, operator overloading, explicit, access rights, friends, and structs
  12. Inheritance: abstract base classes, access rights, constructors, base class initializers
  13. Inheritance: destructor, virtuality, override, and final, and multiple inheritances
  14. Templates: functions and classes
  15. Templates: parameters and arguments
  16. Template Specialization
  17. Type Traits
  18. Smart Pointers
  19. STL: General Ideas (containers, algorithms, iterators, callables, range-based)
  20. STL: Common Interface of the Containers
  21. STL: sequential containers and associative containers
  22. STL: algorithms
  23. Strings including string views
  24. Regular Expressions
  25. In- and Output
  26. Threads: creation, data sharing, mutexes, and locks
  27. Threads: thread-local data, thread-safe initialization, condition variables
  28. Tasks

One Station

Each station consists of theory, practice, and mentoring:


  • Pure theory: 10 slides (video)
  • Applied theory: 5 examples (video)
  • Additional: Posts and Training videos


  • Practical excercises (videos)
  • Sample solutions to the exercises (video)
  • Active C++ community in moderated forums


  • Each week: Live Q&A session based on Forum questions
  • One-to-One mentoring at the end of the mentoring program if requested

Program Features

One-To-One Mentoring

During the program and at the end, I will have a one-to-one mentoring call with each participant. Each one-to-one mentoring call has a unique purpose.

  • During the mentoring program: You decide when it should happen. The purpose of this one-to-one call is simple. I want to support you in mastering my mentoring program.
  • In the end: I want to provide you with additional guidance for your career as a C++ programmer because you are never done learning.

Additionally, I develop an online library that provides the following content to support your learning.

Online Library

  • Videos of very valuable lectures
  • A coupon for my educative courses “C++ Fundamentals for Professionals“
  • A coupon for my book “The C++ Standard Library“
  • Articles to the each station
  • Recorded Q&A sessions
  • Respond to e-mails if they are relevant to the course

Aditional Stations

You have noticed that I wrote about 28 stations, but the program takes nine months (35 stations). After big topics, I do not publish new content but deepen the previous topic. This unique week serves as a buffer to allow participants to work through gaps.

The buffer is necessary for several reasons:

  • Short-term bottlenecks in your job or private (vacation or illness).
  • Short-term bottlenecks in the mentoring program (many exciting questions have accumulated)
  • Deepening of the contents

This week there will be a general Q&A session on Friday, where I will address questions and challenges around my mentoring.

Now, you may ask yourself, should I apply?

The ideal Mentee

First, you need a basic knowledge of C++, and you want to become a professional C++ developer in eight months. You have to invest at-least three hours a week and can, therefore, integrate my program into your workday. In the ideal case, your company supports you with time and money.

Here are a few typical participant profiles I have in mind:

  • Young professionals who want to master the start of their career
  • Students who wish to prepare for their first job (interview)
  • Software developers who want to qualify themselves further professionally
  • Team leaders that want to bring their team members on the same page

Mentee Membership and Community Membership

When you mastered your mentoring program, you can extend your Mentee Membership with a Community Membership.

Mentee Membership

  • Member of a mentoring program
  • Includes acommunity membership

Community Membership

  • Access to the previous mentoring program
  • You cannot participate in the Q&A sessions, but you can watch recorded Q&A sessions
  • Becomes a community member if requested
  • Community membership is €30/month; payable for a year in advance: €360

My Vision

Build an active C++ community. You help each other to solve your exercises and challenges around modern C++. uild an active C++ community. You help each other to solve your exercises and challenges around modern C++. You can master this course at your pace. I will develop additional mentoring programs about the following more advanced topics. I will start these other mentoring programs at the end of this year.

  • C++ 20
  • Clean Code with Modern C++
  • Concurrency with Modern C++
  • Design Pattern and Architectural Pattern with C++
  • Design Pattern and Architectural Pattern with C++

More Information needed?

If you need more information, write an e-mail. I´m happy to help.

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