Rainer Grimm

"Accepting that you are never done in your journey of learning is the most crucial step to becoming better."

Let me introduce myself!

I am happy to introduce myself. As your mentor, you should know me. This introduction starts classical with my professional career, continues with my motivation to learn and teach, and closes with my publications.

Professional Career

I`ve worked as a software architect, team lead, and instructor since 1999. In 2002, I created company-intern meetings for further education. Our company-intern meeting started with the design patterns, continued with architectural patterns, communication protocols, and frameworks, and finally, had security protocols and programming languages in general as a topic.

I have been given training courses since 2002. The first seminars were about proprietary management software, but I began teaching Python and C++ soon after. Since 2008, I have provided worldwide online seminars.

In 2011, I published the first worldwide C++11 book. Since then, I have published eight additional C++ books, translated into five languages. I love to write about C++, and Python, and publish weekly on my English blog Modernes C++ and the German blog, hosted by Heise Developer.

Since 2016 I have been an independent instructor and do the job I love: learn and teach. In a typical year, I give 40 to 50 seminars about modern C++ and Python, participate in 10 conferences and provide presentations and workshops for them.


I always search for the next challenge. In my professional career, I modernized the software development of Primedic and created a training infrastructure for onsite and remote training, mainly used for our automotive scVENUS customers worldwide.

I’m happy to motivate customers and students to become better. In the last 20 years, numerous participants visited my training, workshops and lectures. Since 2005, I’m an athletic trainer of TV Rottenburg. Honestly, it makes me pretty proud that more than five of them made it into the national top.

It gives me great pleasure to transfer knowledge. I have published nine books, more than 100 articles for journals, and around 1000 blog post during the last years on am German and English blog. Both blogs have about 100,000 visitors/week and are very well received. Additionally, you can find many of my presentations on Vimeo.

I’m pretty perseverant in pursuing goals. After my education as a male nurse and my following one as a paramedic, I started and completed my secondary education with the Abitur and the study of mathematics at the university in Bayreuth. I’m also a longtime competitive athlete and trainer in the youth area of the TV Rottenburg.

I’m a life-long learner. Although I’m well-known for my publications and teaching, I’m still in the process of learning and improving.

My Vision

"Accepting that you are never done in your journey of learning is the most crucial step to becoming better. Daily learning must become an integral part of the work culture. It is the decisive factor in our success. 

I'm happy to help you in your journey with my mentoring program and its active C++ community.

  • Build an active C++ community. You help each other to solve your exercises and challenges around modern C++.
  • You can master this course at your pace.

I will develop additional mentoring programs about the following more advanced topics. I will start these other mentoring programs at the end of this year.

  • C++ 20
  • Clean Code with Modern C++
  • Concurrency with Modern C++
  • Design Pattern and ARchitectural Pattern with C++
  • Embedded Programming with C++
  • Generic Programming (Templates( with C++